Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River

Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River A staple of summertime in Gifu: a traditional fishing ceremony that unfolds just like an ancient Japanese picture scroll Ukai is an ancient fishing method that has been performed in Gifu for 1,300 years in which the fishing master uses cormorants to catch sweetfish. With Gifu Castle looming in the background, in the dark of night the masters and the cormorants set about their work, guided by the flaming torchlights at the helms of their boats. Though short in duration, this ceremony transports you back in time with its subtle yet profound beauty. Charlie Chaplin himself came to watch ukai, and he loved it so much that he even came back to see the spectacle again!

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Gujo Dance

Gujo's lively dance festival in the heat of the summer--open to anyone and everyone! Every year, more than 300,000 people converge on Gujo from all over the country, dressed in traditional yukata (summer kimono) and clacking their geta (traditional wooden clogs) on the ground. Both locals and tourists come together in circles to interact with each other through dance. Participation is key, and indeed, the Gujo Dance is known as, not a "dance that you watch," but rather a "dance that you DANCE!" Taking place during around 30 nights from mid-July to early September, it is the longest-running dance in Japan; the climax, between August 13th and 16th, sees four days of all-night dancing that go on well into the morning hours!

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Tourist attractions

Gifu Castle

Standing atop Mt. Kinka, Gifu Castle was the home base of one of Japan's great military commanders, Nobunaga Oda, and was said to be unassailable. The Japanese armor and swords exhibited in the castle are very impressive as well. The castle is accessible from Gifu Park via the Mt. Kinka Ropeway. From the upper room of the keep, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city and beyond. Take your time to savor every bit of the landscape that the ancient rulers used to enjoy!

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UNESCO World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go

Hidden away deep in the mountains is this quaint settlement in Shirakawa Village that is famous for its gassho-zukuri houses whose grand roofs resemble hands clasped in prayer. Many of these houses are still inhabited to this day, and together with their adjacent rice paddies, they paint an incredibly picturesque landscape that is a joy to behold

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Yoro Falls

Famous for a legend in which the water tastes like sake! Yoro falls has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Waterfalls and one of the 100 Best Spring Water Sites in Japan. It is also famous for a legend that tells the story of a pious son who ladles some water from the waterfall to give to his ailing father, only to find that it tastes like sake!

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Magome-juku Historic Post Town

The Nakasendo is an old highway between Tokyo and Kyoto along which there used to be many post towns, places where travelers could spend the night. Among these is Magome, awarded a one-star rating by the Michelin Green Guide Japan.

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