Hotel facilities

Hotel facilities

  1. Amenities by DHC for female customers

    [DHC produced]
    • Medical grade deep cleansing oil
    • Face-wash powder
    • Mild lotion
    • Olive virgin oil
    [other accessories]
    • Headband, hairbrush
    • cotton set

    We will provide those to all women stayed in the hotel as presents.

  2. Free breakfast

    We provide simple breakfast , such as coffee, bread, the boiled egged etc. to our customers in the hotel lobby (from 7:00 to 9:30) .
  3. Perfect Internet environment

    All rooms now have Internet access which is necessary for business . Other than free wireless LAN connection service, the Wi-Fi connections for a smartphone, a tablet are also available .

    You can borrow the internet connection kit from us if needed.

  4. Free multistory parking space

    Only for our staying customers, we provide our 64 hotel multistory parking space (from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.) for free.

    ※ We have a dimension limit for parking . All vehicles should be within the dimensions as follows: a full length 5.05* width 1.8* 1.55m in height (there are vehicles can't enter partially such as vans) .

    Please inform us of your vehicle model when make the reservation. For vehicles beyond the dimension requirement, we will guide you to a nearby partner parking lot to park .

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As for the hotel guests of the new Gifu Plaza Hotel which has the convenient access to JR Gifu, Meitetsu-Gifu Station, the multistory parking space in the hotel is free!